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3 Things Why Charuca, It's Not Only Classic Stationery Brand.

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a good #stationary program. I don’t want you to get too overwhelmed with the possibilities, for there are many different choices out there. You will find that many people have a variety of conflicting opinions when it comes to which you should choose. Because I know the values of #smilecloudshop it was a quick decision which products will become part of our story.

During selection of the products on the internet, I was searching for creative, stylish and high-quality stationery products and I found Charuca paper therapy. I really fell in love with their communication capability on Instagram, their posts, unique design...oh everything! During one week of selection, I decided to have all these products in my home.

By the first-hand experience, I figure out 3 things about connectivity with #Smileycloudshop and #Charuca, that I want to share with you.

1. A secret for a happy life is to put LOVE into whatever you do.

#Charuca is Spanish stationary brand created by Charo Vargas in Barcelona. Their mission is sharing positive vibration with the products that are created with love. When I first received products, I feel all the love that they put on the creation and gives me good vibrations and motivation to start planning my start-up business. Believe or not, the whole process of creating and what you will find in #Smileycloudshop is done with love.

2. We care about people.

In #Smileycloudshop we care about people and want to be connected with our customers/readers. Also, #Charuca builds relationship with their readers in a specific way. Her paper therapy exercises tips help others to discover the answer that keeps inside of the mind.

3. Charuca is not only a mark of stationery, it is a philosophy of life.

The philosophy of the beautiful stationery has a decisive function. You can't imagine how important is the tranquility of your desk. With Charuca stationery and their exercises, you will find that place where your true strength lies.

No matter of what, we want to build strong relationship with you.

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