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Top 5 Ideas: How To Paint Pastel Easter Eggs!

Happy Easter weekend to everyone who celebrate it! It's an unforgettable moment for me because for the first time our baby Siena will celebrate with us too.

It’s time to welcome spring and summer with my favorite time of year - Easter. In our family it is a tradition to celebrate the both of the Easter's day - Catholic and Orthodox, so we have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays together. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays for entertaining, cooking and creating a beautiful tablescape. Dressing a table for family and friends to gather around for everything from showers to holiday and birthday parties is extra special to me. This year, I decided to share my favorite top ideas about painting pastel easter eggs.

1. A Modern, Glam Easter Eggs

If you love peonies flowers, bright atmosphere, and smiley faces, I definitely recommend this Emily Henderson's style inspiration for Easter brunch. Like, modern dyed eggs adorning a marble tabletop up our alley.

2. Watercolor Eggs

If you love painting on paper with watercolor technique, then It's a perfect way to decorate your Easter eggs. Find some inspirations for free on Pinterest and painted down from paper to eggs.

3. Acrylic Painted Eggs

Another simple technique for painting is acrylic. It is a good idea to create a whimsical display using cuts out of some paintings and incorporating them into the arrangement.

4. Unicorn Easter Eggs For The Little One's

A simple idea to DIY at home without the stress of coloring mistakes, just only follow the trends with unicorns.

5. Eclectic Easter Eggs

Painting eggs with men's shaving foam could be super easy and funny. I mixed three colors with white glue and foam on plastic gloves to get pastel colors and started taping to the surface of the eggs. Let's take time to creating this Easter. Enjoy every minute with your family.

Happy Easter Holidays to Everyone!

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